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The Career Crush: Jessica Bates, Social Media Strategist

The Career Crush Transcript: Jessica Bates.  Jessica left the corporate world of social media and communications to venture onto her own.  Her choice wasn’t exactly on her planned timing, but the best decisions in life aren’t always planned.  Watch or read on about why Jessica loves working in social media, how she plans to grow…

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Brief History of Lockets. #TinaTang #Jewelry

Considered a classic and timeless piece of jewelry, the locket necklace has served many purposes through out the centuries.  One of the original uses of a locket or locket type pendant was to carry powerful herbs or meaningful objects. Lockets were also used to “identify an individual’s trip or clan affiliation”. One of a kind…

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#Jewelry: A sentimental essential for vacation. #TinaTang

I received this sweet email from long time client and friend, Rhonda Lehtinen: “If you look closely, you can see the tiny heart and dog bone lucky charmsaround my neck 🙂   Since I couldn’t take my pups with me, I wore tokensaround my neck.  The silver opera necklace went with me, as always whentravelling,…

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Hard to get makes it more desireable. #TinaTang #Jewelry

Whether it’s in human relationships or in shopping, when someone or something is hard to get, that person or handbag is even more desirable. Did you know the wait time for an Hermes Birkin bag is around two years and for something that costs on average the price of a Japanese compact car? The 18kt…

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