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10 Mani colors that are quite handi for 2010!

tina tang

With the constant snow and lack of sunny days, our days may be a bit gloomy, but that doesn’t mean our spirits and style has to be! I found myself giving little home makeovers like manies while watching chickflicks like When Harry Met Sally or Sexy and the City. Try these 10 eccentric colors that brightens and livens up your day taken right from the runway at With your nails all ready to go, try accentuating it with TinaTang’s rings! Have the animal inside you ROAR out with rings like the new Thisbe Lion Ring, Butterfly Lover’s Skull Ring, or, Ouroboros Fat/Skinny Snake Ring with the Ruby Eyes. Check them out at our website! Thisbe Lion Ring $195Butterfly Lover's Skull Ring $185Ouroboros Fat Ring with Ruby Eyes $245Ouroboros Skinny Ring with Ruby Eyes $225

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