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9 Alternative Ways to Wear Jewelry

tina tang

*We are in for a treat today! Please welcome our guest blogger:Brittany who writes for A site dedicated to talking about jewelry fashion and that coveted diamond ring. She is obsessed with everything from handmade jewelry, vintage engagement rings, and making accessories out of the weirdest things. The 80s entailed big hair, bright eyes and a brilliant bout of spandex. The 90s were known for acid wash jeans, shirts that showed a little too much mid drift, and a rebellious relationship with leather. One decade into the 21st century it is pretty unclear what staple styles the decade conformed to and is still conforming to. And I think this is because being an against-the-grain individual is what is 'in.' Fashion is reversing in time, bringing back one-piece rompers, leather jackets, Oxford heels and classy pearls of the quintessential house wife of the 50s. Styles are changing, but they are not original. Instead we're going back in time, taking what was once worn and wearing it differently. Jewelry is the same way, and it can be worn however the non-conformist individual of the 21st century sees fit. There are hardly limits these days when it comes to censoring. Here are 10 different ways to wear rings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets, because 21st century fashion is about being alternative and offbeat. Photo by myDearDelilahAlternative ways to wear rings:1. Wear multiple rings on one finger, combing plain, bold, new and old rings. 2. By looping a ring or a few to a long plain chain, use the rings as a charm for a necklace. A long flowing necklace will add a simple and lovely addition to your outfit, enabling you to wear anything from flowing dresses to casual jeans and a top.3. Weave rings into your hair. This is a common practice for those who have dreads, but if you don't have dreaded hair which would easily keep in the rings, braid them into your hair placing them close to your scalp. The result is a unique collaboration of hair and jewelry together in one happy harmony.Alternative ways to wear necklaces:1. Wear long beaded necklaces as bracelets, creating a fun addition to any outfit. 2. Substitute a headband for a necklace, wrapping a long beaded or thick necklace around your head, bringing an additional flair to your hairstyle.3. To add some curve to your figure, partner a long necklace wrapped around your upper waste with a shapeless flowing dress. Alternative ways to wear brooches:1. Wear brooch on waist partnered with a dress2. To embellish some plain flats, pin a brooch to the toes of the pair. 3. Add a brooch to a purse for some extra decor.And above all, be creative with your jewelry and have fun thinking of new ways to wear it.*Thank you for the different fabulous ways to wear jewelry to make our 21st century truly memorable! Please check out Miss Diamond Ring and Miss Engagement Ring's website to read more about your perfect ring!

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  • great ideas! ill defenatelly try wearing multiple rings on one finger! im a big fan of rings so wearing lots of them together is even better!
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  • what lovely ways to wear jewelry!


  • Great ideas! Love them :)


  • These are all wonderful ways of wearing jewelry. Thanks for sharing!

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