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A day in the life of a NYC jewelry designer.

tina tang

Since I decided to move out of my Limelight Marketplace location, I have been operating as a one woman show.  It's the first time in 12 years that I have worked all by myself.  I am grateful to be working in NYC and to have the opportunity to still design jewelry and make people happy with my creations!Here is a view of 6th Avenue where my studio/office is located off of:Always full of cabs and pedestrians, Flatiron is constantly bustling at all hours.Every day, I come to this office which I share with my best friend, Sima, a mixed media artist:In the middle of the room is still furniture and items that came from my Limelight move.  I need to put the stuff away.The most amazing aspect of my office/studio is our view from our 10th Floor window:There is never a day that we don't get wonderful light, even on rainy days.I do believe that you work like you dress, thus, even though I am dressing up for myself, I feel the need to when I go to work.If I dress in sweats, I might not feel like making pretty things.I love Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses.  Feminine, comfortable, bright, and simply flattering for every woman.I have on my mixed charm necklace which you can easily put together as well!My NYC pretzel, 14kt gold black diamond zodiac pendant, silver locket, and ruby charm.Look what's inside my locket:Always keep Bruno close to my heart.

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