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A little holiday love. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

This is my busy season, and this week, my busiest week of the entire year.  I just wanted to send a big grateful thank you to you for reading, for being interested in my jewelry designs.  I wish you from the depths of my heart, a wonderful end of the year with wishes of many good things to come for you.I worked today and was able to see many of my lovely loyal clients who regularly came to my Greenwich Village store.  Not only did I feel grateful for them remembering me for their gift giving, I thought, "if I have to be working when everyone else is shopping, it always helps if your shopping partner is working with you."  It was a day filled with warm fuzzies.Merry Christmas!  Much love, Tina and SimaSima and I at my Hassle Free Holiday Open House today.

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