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A Little Stir-Crazy Can Lift a Creative Block. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

After writing Friday's post and staying home all day Saturday from a cold, I felt my creative block lifted (incited by a lot of stir-crazy staying indoors) with a strong impulse to clean my creative work area.  I came to work on Sunday and spent about 8 hours cleaning, throwing out bits of furniture and playing around with stickers on my wall.  I also created a few silly pieces.Here is my work space today:Oops! You can see me in the mirror!I kept in mind that the artist is the child inside that wants to have fun.  Note: the hearts and butterflies stickers on the wall, reminiscent of being in 7th grade.  Those girly girl things just make me smile.  I also cut out some images from a magazine that simply reminds me of beauty.I threw out the overhang piece that was on my desk that you saw in this post here.I moved my desk so that it's right next to the window where sunlight pours in generously.  I feel happier, ready to play!Here are a few pieces I played around with on Sunday:I know, nothing matches.  Just putting stuff together with what was around me.

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