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A sneak peak at my new Gotham Girl line.

tina tang

I get so giddy when I pick up my new designs.  To see your idea, your creation, in real finished form satisfies the soul, dare I say, more than chocolate or take out Chinese food.I kept it a little secret during my "How To" post here.   I created more than the little paisley Best Friend necklace.   I also created these little wax carving darlings:These are my waxes before they are cast into a mold.  I am so excited when they are at this stage!Today, I went to my production company to pick up the polished pieces that I dropped off last week.  Drum roll..... Introducing a tiny peak into my Gotham Girl line:BF for Best Friend, or Boyfriend.  The Paisleys are for two friends who fit like Ying and Yang.  The same but different.Although a cliched word, I had to do my own version of the "love" necklace.   Below is a "love" stud which fits right on the ear lobe.It's really much smaller than this.  Perfect little stud.My xoxo studs.  Giggle giggle, so excited to introduce these!The rest of the new line will be featured at our trunk show tomorrow at the Polar Lounge in the Hotel Marcel (201 east 24th Street at 3rd Avenue, NYC) 7-9pm.  Hope to see you there!  I feel like a little girl who just discovered a batch of forgotten Halloween candy in her closet.

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