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A Top Five Goodbye

tina tang

By DaraThis is my last Tangy Tidbits blog. So staying with my theme from my last entry, I have decided to write my top 5 favorite things about working at Tina Tang Studio. Here goes (in no particular order):1) Getting to work every morning and starting the day by listening to Writers Block Sketches From The Block by Peter Bjorn and John.2) Taking try-on-jewelry breaks. The Starburst Ring has always been my favorite to put on.3) Getting visits from Phoebe and Bruno (Tina’s adorable doggies.)4) Retouching photos – not because retouching is so much fun…it’s quite detailed and time consuming – but because it lets me look at really cool jewelry for extended periods of time. The Sakura Ring was one of my favorites to retouch. 5) Designing the weekly specials. Everyone always looks so cute modeling Tina’s Jewelry!I know I said top 5, but I’m going to have to add a 6th to this list:All the people I’ve worked with – the Tina Tang team is really great and I’ll definitely miss seeing them everyday.It’s been fun-Dara

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  • Sorry to hear about your departure from the team. It’s always difficult leaving something you’ve grown to love but I hope there are great things in store for the future.

    Thanks very much for the lovely comment about my shoes! Take care and I hope you have a great day :)


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