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tina tang

By JingI was in LA a couple weeks ago, and heard someone commenting on how plaid shirts and skinny jeans are very much so an overdone look by now. After 2 days of shameless people-watching in LA and San Diego, I mostly agreed with him that such was true in the sunny SoCal, but t’was simply not the case in New York City. Or maybe just the below 14th street neighborhoods of New York City? All I know is, around Greenwich Village, where our Tina Tang family work and play, plaid shirts and skinny jeans are still being rocked by many a stylish person day in and night out. This is one more thing I am learning about Fashion: that it is, for the most part, decidedly regional. When I think about all the details and choices designers have to consider when designing lines that will be distributed across the world, I can’t help but sweat a little bit for them. It must be a taxing task to try to incorporate varied preferences, tastes, and different interpretations of trends into the same lines. Or perhaps sticking with what one loves and feels passionate about, instead of being swayed by “what’s hot RIGHT NOW” is the way to go? I know at least that’s Tina’s philosophy, and I must say, very objectively, that it’s worked out wonderfully. Having been working at her studio, I’ve seen first-hand just how much her pieces have made the young and young-at-heart jewelry-lovers from around the world smile and feel beautiful. Tina’s quiet insistence that she would only design what she loves might not get her the most splashy press coverage, but it has earned her true friends and loyal followers, and has given a purpose to everyone working with her in this crazy Tang family—one that I feel abundantly blessed to have been a part of in the past 6 months. Endless Summer Bracelet

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