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Absence is the greatest presence. #TinaTang

tina tang

My best friend, Sima, has been away on an artist retreat/vacation for nearly 3 weeks.  I normally talk to her and text her daily.  In fact, my monthly texting records with Verizon show a back and forth of 3,000-4,000 texts each month.  I only text 2-3 specific people at most.  That is a disgustingly excessive amount of texts.It was during this near three week period that Sima's absence was the greatest presence in my life.  She is one of two people that I call during a daily drama, to share a silly thought, or to get a girlfriend affirmation.  I realized how much her friendship is a foundation of support in my daily life.  Well, she's back.   Ever have a soul sister?  Forget soul mate, a soul sister is even more treasured. I am jealous of her trip.  She spend two weeks in Portugal letting her creative spirit play in a course called the Navigator's Journal.    Using apoxy clay, a dremel, and chromacrackle, she brought this creation home:  Must admit, this is so "Sima": silly, warped, and delightfully imaginative. Here is the inside of the journal: Inside the cover. Back of journal.  Naturally the design is off center.  Sima doesn't believe in symmetry. Nestled in seaside Estoril, the course laid the playground for any desirously creative artist.  One day, one day, I will make it there to take a course under the blue skies of a Portuguese beach town.  Naturally, I would have to bring soul sisters, Sima and Patti, in tow.

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