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After the sketch comes the rendering... #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I have been working on a custom horseshoe pendant for my client, Danielle, who is using diamonds from her grandmother's ring.  The sketches are on this post here.  After she approved of the sketch, I had my production company create a computer rendering as well as a wax copy of the sketch so that Danielle could literally see the physical example of what it might look like.  Here is the computerized rendering of the pendant with her diamonds:The only difference is that there will be rubies where the "nails" are instead of diamonds.This is the wax sample of the computer rendering.  Danielle held this up to her neck to get an idea of size, girth and dimensions of what the actual white gold pendant will look like when completed.I always recommend looking at a wax copy before casting into a precious metal.The finished necklace should be done by next week.  I bet you and I both cannot wait to see the finished custom necklace set with diamonds and rubies.

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