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Against the Type A Grain. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I unashamedly admit that I am type-A and always have been.  I like to have a goal, I like to have a schedule, and I like to have structure.  Today has been a lesson going against my internal grain.1. I woke up late.  Even though I don't have a boss to "watch" over me, I always wake up the same time every day to start my morning schedule.  Today, I woke up nearly 2 hours later than normal.2. No work out.  I like to make my work out part of my daily routine.  Today, I woke up too late to do that as I had to run to the office to meet CBS local news for a story they were doing on push presents.3. Girl's day off.  My best friend, Patti, is up here from Maryland, so after meeting CBS news, Sima, Patti and I decided we would wander Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  (video to come).Lunching in Williamsburg.  The Sisters of Perpetual Disorder. I am still struggling to feel at ease with this unusual Friday that follows no schedule.

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