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American Boy

tina tang

By Troy:My new obsession is the song “American Boy” by Estelle featuring Kanye West. Maybe I shouldn’t call it an obsession but a curse - having a song playing in your head continuously - having no control over when it'll attack or how long the spell will last - like a seizure. Through out the day I'll crave it – not because I love it (well a little) but b/c I need to hear it to be satisfied…like when you’re thirsty - you just need to drink not because you love water but because you need to quench the thirst.I first heard the ditty during the Olympics as a part of an introlude to American Sweetheart, Michael Phelps (I heart him.) Since then, my life hasn’t been the same – I hear it at every bar I go – even at low key speak easy places in the lower east side. Some of my favorite lyrics from it is as follows:[Chorus from Song]Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some dayTake me to New York, I'd love to see LA.I really want to come kick it with you.You'll be my American BoyI don’t know why but it gets me right there – maybe I just like to hear cities I live in mentioned in pop songs.Another great line is when Kanye raps:“Who killin em in the UK. Everybody gonna to say you K, reluctantly, because most of this press don't f**k with me.”All I have to say is – ah, Kanye.Don’t take my word for it here is the song. Remember I warned you of its power.

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