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Are you a texting fiend? #TinaTang

tina tang

I thought I was normal.  Only yesterday did I realize that I may actually be a texting fiend, either that or my friends are abnormal.  I found out that two friends had to upgrade their texting plan due to the frequency of my texts to them. Both actually had plans that allowed somewhere between 200-500 texts a month.  Let's just average that to 300 texts which means in 30 days, they do about 10 texts per day.  That does sound normal, right?Curious about what I do that drove these two to upgrade their plan, I checked my last 3 months Verizon bill.  I average 3,000-4,000 texts a month.  WHAT??!!!  That means each day I send about 116.66 texts. Ooooo, you caught me texting again while working.....Texts are my favorite way to communicate my wise and timeless thoughts.Who am I texting and what am I saying?  There are only about 3 people I regularly text and maybe another 3-5 ancilliary people who get occasional texts from me.  I must have diarrhea of the brain that is alleviated through phone texting.  The Double Teardrop Hoops are what I have been wearing all summer long.To think that I used to believe that texting was for college kids only...

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