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Bag Full of Mysteries

tina tang

Regardless of your height or size, all women seem to carry a bag full of goodies with them. I love oversized large bags, but there are times when I want to carry a clutch or a small handbag out. I begin to select all the essential items I need and realize there is no way I would be able to fit everything in! Even after narrowing my collection, I opt to carry an oversized bag! Here is a list of some essentials that TinaTang Team found in our handbags:Wallet, Cell Phone, KeysChapstick/makeup, Lotion, Hand sanitizer, Tissue Ipod, Book/magazine, Planner, PensNail file, Water, Gum/breath mintsPhone Halo seems like a cool product that will save not only your time, but your sanity! Search no more for your wallets, cell phones, and keys!Unusual items that were/are found our bags from time to time:Airborne/medicine Recyclable bags Food Toothpaste + toothbrush + floss Flipflops/flatsCardigan Safety pinsHairsprayTabasco saucePerfumeMini sewing kitBand-Aid and Neosporin CameraNo wonder clutches are unfeasible, our bags are a convenience store! What are some items that are a must on your essential handbag list?

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  • Haha, love this picture. I usually have telephone, bubble gum, money, face powder, keys, something to read and water in my bag. I think that’s not much? :p


  • That’s too funny! I do the exact same thing when I’m trying to switch into a smaller clutch. How did I ever survive when smaller handbags were the only ones around? Sometimes I even put an entire jacket into my handbag and it fits perfectly. Love this post! Have a great weekend!


  • I can actually understand most of these…but Tobasco sauce?! Haha. So weird! :P

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Jennifer Fabulous

  • hahaha greatest post ever :D
    love your blog – your posts are making me smile so far :)
    stop by some time !! xx


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