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Becoming a "Real" Person

tina tang

By: ChloeI am the laziest and messiest person with my jewelry. I know that you’re thinking, “Me too!” Most women are, and it only makes our lives more difficult. I feel guilty that I work at Tina Tang five days a week, but rarely change my jewelry. I like pieces that are versatile, yet unique so that I don’t have to change it everyday depending on what I’m wearing. This is NYC-who has time for that?! My necklaces hang from crooked nails in my apartment and my rings can be found in crevices between the toilet and the sink. I randomly found a Tina Tang necklace at the bottom of my Rebecca Minkoff purse, complete with gum wrappers and dirt. The worst part was, I was with Tina herself, in a Chicago airport! I was hoping she wouldn’t kill me. It was then that I realized I needed to get my act together. The Jewelry roll saved me. She is my new best friend! It has compartments for rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Great for a traveling New Yorker, or a disorganized jewelry junky like myself. Recently, a very sweet and loyal customer of mine came into the store to replace her Tina Tang pieces. Unfortunately, her apartment had been broken into. The jerk who robbed her everything from her jewelry box, but nothing from the jewelry roll, as he had no idea what it was! Genius! I shall now keep all of my precious pieces rolled away in my jewelry roll, sneakily hidden from crazy robbers. They are handmade by a friend of Tina’s Eyoko. The one pictured is the funkiest. I love the detail with the pink bow.After I found something to help my messy nature, I realized I needed another piece of default jewelry that I can count on for those days when nothing looks good. I have become so boring with my jewelry.I practically sleep in my gold Bebe bracelet and Chinese zodiac necklace. It was time to break out of my comfort zone. A gold fill chain is the perfect accessory for summer. It is light as a feather for one thing, (you know how jewelry gets very hot to wear in the NY heat) and it goes with absolutely everything. InStyle knew what it was talking about when they recommended it under their FAB FINDS for under $100!Slowly but surely I am becoming more of a “real” person who puts away her necklaces when she gets home and even changes them once or twice a week.

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