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Before and After.... #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

On Friday, before "Irene" hit, I went to pick up the silver castings of two hoop earrings I created in wax.  Both are simple shapes as I find simplicity withstands the test of changing styles and times.Photo before casting into sterling silver: Both are made of wax wire which is very malleable and easy to shape.  Below is a photo of the pieces now cast straight into sterling silver.  I had a ring soldered to the top of the teardrop hoop to conserve labor after the casting of the pieces.  Can you see the heart also has rings soldered on it where the earwire will hang?  It is always important to get in as much labor before casting rather than have it done after. This is what silver looks like unpolished. Once these hoops are cast and completed, I will post a final photo. The hoops got me thinking about "before and after".  I wanted to do a little creating this weekend but was distracted by the unknown of what might happen during the hurricane.  I ended up watching two season of Skins (the UK version) which I highly recommend.  I couldn't peel my eyes from my computer.Early Friday evening before Irene even got close:A view of the tip of Manhattan after Irene left.  I love this view of New York City, as if I am an outside observer of this glorious city. So much life exists on this little island. I shot this with my iPhone.  You probably know, I love my iPhone.

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