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Besides the obvious, what makes a diamond so special?

tina tang

In recent years, the curtain veiling the dark side of diamonds has been pulled back.  Greed and disregard for human plight have fueled the supply of the diamond market.However, the reasons why diamonds are so coveted are not just the sparkle and status factor.  I wanted to remind you of the facts that constantly amaze me regarding one of nature's most fascinating creations.Diamonds just add a little somethin somethin to everything. This is my Julius Crown ring.1. Diamonds are made of only one element: carbon.  It is nearly 99.5% pure.  How many things in life are this pure?2. Like a snowflake, no diamond is the same.  Each diamond is completely unique and can be identified by its own "marks".3. Diamonds can only form in the specific ideal conditions.  Slight change in temperature and pressure results in graphite, as in the graphite used in pencils. A diamond can ONLY be formed with a temperature range of 1652-2372 degrees Farenheit and pressure of 45-60 kilobars.45 kilobars is 45,000 times the normal pressure we live in.4. All the diamonds you see today were formed 20 million - 2.5 billion years ago.  The youngest is around 20 million years old.  Can you imagine that? If you are a vintage lover, nothing gets more vintage than a diamond.Hard to believe these little babies are at least 20 million years old.  This is the 14k gold Diamond Twist Trio.As a student of the stone, I am consistently in complete awe what it takes to make a diamond. As a reminder, a messy office/studio means a creative person.Here I am today, in vintage again!Dress: Vintage 1970'sNecklace: Tina Tang Carnelian Wilma NecklaceEarrings: Tina Tang Gold Fill HoopsBoots: Vintage Ferragamo

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  • Nice pose!


  • It’s the Wendy Brandes pose which I meant to credit! I thought I would try it out and it’s fantastic.

    Tina Tang.

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