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Birthday celebrations: A lovely way to spend time with friends.

tina tang

Last night, a few of us went out to dinner to celebrate Midori's birthday.  She has been working at Tina Tang for a while now and lives up to her title, Customer Service Ambassador.Happy Birthday Midori!Midori is Japanese by upbringing, but she is 100% American at heart.  Her husband is 100% Dominican,  she loves rap music, and her all time favorite food is PB&J sandwiches.   She has an innate sense of style that I am revealing now, I am jealous of.I still remember my meal, mmm, lamb tagine with apricots and prunes, sweet and salty.As you can see in the first photo of Midori, I wasn't "marketing" when I said the Minatour Horn necklace is her every day staple.Midori hides the necklace from her husband who covets it.Happy Happy Birthday, Midori!

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