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Birthday parties should be like the ones you had as a kid.

tina tang

Last night, I attended the best birthday party since I was 10 years old.  My friend, Will Berger, turned 50 and he threw himself a fete in a raw performance space in Chelsea. What made the party fun? It wasn't about loud music and getting drunk.  It wasn't about a sophisticated high brow meal. The elements to his amazing party were: games, live music performances, engaged invitees and parting gifts!When I walked in the party, there was a huge poster Trivia Quiz.  A half hour later, a live Mariachi band came on stage to perform and take requests.When taking requests, I asked for Journey's Open Arms.  Alas, that was not within their repertoire.After we all sang happy birthday with the Mariachi band, the Bollywood style Indian dancers came out to perform.I now understand the appeal of the Bollywood films.My friends and I just had a clean old-fashioned good time laughing and goofing around.Always travel with gay men, as you will always be laughing.The evening was filled with more performances, but I had left to catch some sleep before the other half of the festivities continued.  Upon departure, we were all given a mixed tape CD that Will burned for each of us. Happy 50th Birthday, Will.  I want to be like you when I am 50.

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