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Blah Blah Blah. And Cold Blah.

tina tang

What did you feel like when you woke up this morning?  Did you feel like staying in those warm, soft blankets or going out into the 23 degree chilly work morning?For the past week, my dog, Bruno, will not budge when I call him for his morning walk.  I suspect his bladder is beyond brimming as he also did not want to walk the night before. This is what he looks like when I yell to him "PEE PEE TIME! GET UP!!!"And, now from our office perch, this is what it looks like outside:10th floor in FlatironI never know what to wear on days like these as the primary goal is to sustain bodily warmth.    This is what I decided on ....comfort:And, just to add a little pizzaz to a cold, grey day, I threw on a hat by La China Loca, whose handmade designs we are carrying at our store.Sweater: InhabitPants: Club MonacoShoes: J CrewHat:  La China LocaEarrings:  Tina Tang Don Carlo EarringsI think I would still rather be in bed today.

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  • I LOVE your dog—so sweet-looking! And of course, I love your clothes too. Inhabit is amazing—I think I have that sweater in two colors!


  • Such an adorable hat! I’ve only started recently wearing hats, I’m more of a glove girl. =)

    Christina Lucido

  • oh…love your inhabit sweater :)
    and LOL at bruno. my dog LOVES to go outside when it’s cold, and he never wants to come in. but he has quite a bit more hair than bruno does!!


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