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Block Island: Anchor Inspirations for Design. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Months ago, my best friend, Sima, invited me on a Memorial Day Weekend excursion with her to Block Island, RI, one of her most favorite places on earth. What shes loves most about this New England beach town, is the casual attitude and everyone's undiscerning eye for fashion. Block Island is the anti-thesis of the Hamptons where one still must be conscious of her "outfit" when "casually" strolling the town. We were looking to relax, re-group, and re-inspire our artistic spirits.Both of us are wearing our local purchases.  Vacation is only such when you buy something.Naturally, Sima pulled me into the outrageous hat store.  Here we are goofing around.You can see we both wear our signature Tina Tang pieces on vacation, me my heart hoops, her the Sima necklace. My inspiration on this trip complements my recent attraction to all things seersucker; my new muse is the anchor.  The shape and the function of an anchor is the heart of my new line which I will start working on this month.Giant found anchor sitting on the lawn across from our bed and breakfast.What or who is the anchor in your life?

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