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Breakfast at Tina's

tina tang

This morning we held an editor breakfast where we invited editors from our favorite magazines to view our new jewelry and our new Limelight Marketplace location.To create a little whimsy to our event, I asked each of my employees to dress up with a hat.Midori, Bobbie, Kirsten and me posing off.  Like our hats?This is what we served:Trader Joe's scones are hands down the best store bought scones I have ever tasted.  I have tried many scones in my lifetime.I finally had the lovely opportunity to put a face with the name.  I have communicated with some editors for years without ever knowing what they looked like!Here I am with Allison and Bobby of Lucky Magazine.  Can you see how fabulous Bobby's tote is behind the Limelight bag?  I covet it.And, I got to catch up with Melissa, the Accessories Editor from Lucky Magazine.  She is always so stylishly rocker feminine.  We talked dogs.  She has a pitbull named Artie who sounds just as mischevious as my Bruno.I would love to hide out in Melissa's closet to see what wonderful things reside in it.We don't do this very often; this event was such a nice treat to my morning.

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