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Bridal Project: No Pearls, Please. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

My good friend and old employee, Bobbie, is the Maid of Honor for her older sister who gets married in three weeks.  Her sister wanted a custom bracelet and earrings created by me.  Her main preference: No Pearls.With Bobbie's insight of her sister, knowledge of jewelry and of my capabilities, we created a crystal laden bracelet to go with my crystal drop earrings her sister picked out from me.The crystals are supposed to be random so that the bride always catches a little bit of light.Here is how it looks on:Delicate, feminine, and sparkly!The ends of the bracelet are finished off by a chandelier clasp that I originally carved in wax.  They were once used as earrings but seem to look nicer on a bracelet.  Once again, this is the wonderful versatility in designing jewelry...a piece can morph into just about anything.This chandelier clasp may still look nice as earrings.  I may have to re-visit this idea.

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