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Brief History of Lockets. #TinaTang #Jewelry

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Considered a classic and timeless piece of jewelry, the locket necklace has served many purposes through out the centuries.  One of the original uses of a locket or locket type pendant was to carry powerful herbs or meaningful objects. Lockets were also used to "identify an individual's trip or clan affiliation". One of a kind lockets available if you contact me.  Only one available of each of these. During England's Queen Victorian rule, lockets became popular as a symbol of love and souvenir of deceased loved ones. Popular techniques of decorating a locket were repousse, engraving, set stones and engraved monograms.  Cameos encased on locket covers also developed its popularity during this era. The customized Locket Combo necklace will be made just for you! Civil War soldiers often gifted their girlfriends or spouses with a locket necklace prior to departure, with the tradition that the photos remain empty as a "sign of hope for a soldier's return".  Only if the soldier was lost in battle would a photograph or keepsake be included in the locket. Send me the photo when you order and I'll resin it in for you. Even just as a charm on your bracelet, lockets are simply timeless. The early 1900's saw the rise in popularity of lockets as a fashion statement with either photos or perfume scented fabrics enclosed inside.   To this day, lockets embody the ultimate in jewelry sentimentality with photos of families, lovers, or children inside.  I have my locket necklace with my dog, Bruno, enclosed: This is my favorite locket shape. * Information originating from Peter Wendt's article, A History of Locket Necklaces.

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