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Bring back the Polaroid camera!

tina tang

My mom has been using a Polaroid camera for the past 20 years, even before they made a comeback.   Even with the advent of the digital and the compact photo printers, nothing satisfies an impulse like a Polaroid!Polaroid's newest reincarnation is compact and simply adorable.  It's so fabulous I bought it for my mom for her birthday.  She now owns the old school 80's version and this one:Look at how chic and cute this is.The photos pop out at the top and this is what they look like:Top photo: Tina Tang, Sima Schloss and Midori R.  Right Photo: Tina Tang with lovely customer. Bottom Photo: Bobbie A. and Tina TangWe shot these in November while selling our baubles at Lucky Magazine's Lucky Shops.This is one gift no one would want to return. (the camera, not the photos of me)

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