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Bruno, my muse and mentor.

tina tang

Without meaning to be cliche, I am guided by the spiritual teachings of my dog, Bruno, a white pitbull from Queens.Bruno is insightful and introspective.  I try to emulate his self analysis.  He often asks himself, "Am I being the best Bruno I can be?"Bruno is never afraid to take on anything larger than him.  As he looks at the large stick or branch, I see the thoughts brewing in that head; Do I pick it up in the middle?  Do I grab it from the end? He never thinks, "Will people think me strange carrying such a large stick?" or "Is that dog crazy?" Other people's opinions never sway his confidence.He wants that stick, and he just goes for it.He is unabashed about telling others what he wants.  When he longs for that Snickers bar that I am snacking on, he relentlessly stares to confirm I know what he is thinking.  I often remind myself I need to keep that persistence in my pursuits.  Do we all stare until we get the outcome we want? Bruno does not allow any obstacle to block his pursuits.

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  • he’s so cute!


  • Such cute little Munchkin
    Love him


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