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Bucket List

tina tang

As I am getting older my list of things I want to learn and take on as a hobby increases as each year progresses. After reading Shape magazine’s copy chief, Juno DeMelo’s article on her new found love for cooking, it made me think of all the things I wanted to learn! She discusses the failures she faced at first, however slowly but surely the successes she met. It encouraged me to take a good look at my life and realized I should apply that same motivational attitude! All the doubts, fear, and “can’t” attitude seem like excuses. I hope to find that same self-confidence, passion, and pure happiness through my trials and (hopefully!) successes! Few of the things on my bucket list are: - Knitting/crocheting - Cooking/baking - Completing a marathon and/or triathlon - Skydive - Go on a mission’s trip or become involved in an organization that fights and serves poor communities around the world- Hike in Colorado- Mountain climb - Sing at a karaoke bar in front of everyone there- Bikram yogaWhat are on your lists? Do you have any thing you were once scared or hesitant to try, but victoriously accomplished?

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  • Such a fun list! I don’t have a list of my own; but I was able to victoriously pass my Communications/Public Speaking class despite the fact that I was terrified and wanted to drop it from Day One!! :)


  • I definitely want to learn how to knit as well! And travel so much more!


  • Awesome list Tina…

    I wanna give karaoke a try myself.


  • Great list! I’ve been trying to learn to cook over the past few years and it’s so fun. My list grows every year as well.

    About the Joe’s bf jeans, they run a bit big. I got a size smaller than I usually get in other jeans and they’re still really baggy and comfortable.



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