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Bucket List

tina tang

As I am getting older my list of things I want to learn and take on as a hobby increases as each year progresses. After reading Shape magazine’s copy chief, Juno DeMelo’s article on her new found love for cooking, it made me think of all the things I wanted to learn! She discusses the failures she faced at first, however slowly but surely the successes she met. It encouraged me to take a good look at my life and realized I should apply that same motivational attitude! All the doubts, fear, and “can’t” attitude seem like excuses. I hope to find that same self-confidence, passion, and pure happiness through my trials and (hopefully!) successes! Few of the things on my bucket list are: - Knitting/crocheting - Cooking/baking - Completing a marathon and/or triathlon - Skydive - Go on a mission’s trip or become involved in an organization that fights and serves poor communities around the world- Hike in Colorado- Mountain climb - Sing at a karaoke bar in front of everyone there- Bikram yogaWhat are on your lists? Do you have any thing you were once scared or hesitant to try, but victoriously accomplished?

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  • Love your list, darling!
    Most of mine consists of travel… would love to go to Dubia, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Prague!

    Inspiring post!


    Couture Carrie

  • I definitely want to take up hiking and maybe even surfing but I’m scaredddd of sharks lol.


  • Love your list… you can do it. Did you know that I started climbing mountains at age 40? I haven’t tried skydiving though but who knows, I will someday.

    My bucket list mostly consists of travels… I want to go to Africa, Peru, Cambodia.

    Have a great week ahead! xoxo


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