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Can you get more squiggly? #TinaTang #Squiggle #Jewelry Series.

tina tang

I am really excited about the expansion of the DeKooning Squiggle Series!  I picked up the finished models of a few more pieces and can't wait until these are made into earrings and necklaces:The top one will be handing earrings as well as a necklace, the bottom right will be a long earring with stone, left will be a necklaceI'm thinking I can make one of them into a bracelet with a chain on both sides.  Which one is your favorite?  Top, bottom or left? Once again, cannot wait to take them for a trial run one completed.

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  • I was thinking bottom right, with that orientation as a necklace


  • especially for me I can not make a right choice because of two variant are good enough to be completed.


  • Toss up. More likely to buy a dangling earring but can’t say I prefer one over the others. Too lovely!


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