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tina tang

In the process of designing, I try to share with you each step.  Now, with some of these new designs you've witnessed, it's vital for me to photograph and photoshop it properly for the website so that those who are far away from NYC can get an idea of what the pieces "feel" like. While, nothing captures the beauty of an accessory like putting it on in real life, a photo is the next best thing online.This weekend, I finally started photoshopping a few of my new pieces this and here they are:This Mermaid Nautilus necklace is one of my favorites because of the engraving.I love the matching Mermaid Nautilus earrings, too!I am in love with the emerald green of the Mughal Green Onyx Necklace as well.  A rich colored stone always feel regal. This is the actual color of the Mughal Green Onyx Necklace.This is the citrine version.The matching earrings..Same stone but I had a hard time capturing the same light on camera. Do any of these pieces make you want to start going to holiday parties?  I'm ready to get dressed up... no place to go yet.

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