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Carefree Wandering in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

This past Saturday, Sima and I went on a trek to Red Hook and Ft. Greene, Brooklyn to first shop Butter by Nadia's sample sale, then to explore the flea market in Ft. Greene.    We wait all year for the sample sale:Nadia's super soft, ever flattering dresses and tops are something a girl can keep in her closet for as long as the fabric holds up.  I'm wearing my purchase today:The dress can be tied in so many ways and literally feels like butter on the skin.I paired the black and white dress with my Carnelian Betty Earrings:Carnelian Betty Earrings are large enough for a statement, but not too heavy.We walked around at the flea market, where Sima naturally bought the weirdest home decor such as a framed cartoon baby with moveable googly eyes.  Obviously, a photo of the freaky art is necessary but I forgot to take one.  We ended up at a newly opened Ft. Greene bar called Mo's where we cooled off with a frozen strawberry margarita.  I was thrilled that the DJ's eyes widened incredulously when I told him I was 40.  Thank you for your shock, Mr. DJ.Toasting you.Ever silly Sima.The best part of the evening was our dinner at Italian restaurant, Scopello, where Sima and I befriended the manager, Dmitri, (French ex-pat pianist), Patrick, and Doc, all Scopello regulars.  They were all thoroughly bemused by Sima, who is ever entertaining and outgoing.This was probably one of the best Saturdays I have ever had:  friendship, comfort, and carefree wandering.

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  • What a beautiful Saturday! Thank you Tangles!


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