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Celebrating friend and fan, Lillie Frances of improv @LOLtheater #TinaTangJewelry

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This weekend, I had the incredible pleasure of seeing Broadway musical, Book of Mormon, and dining with Lillie Frances and her husband, Scott McMillin.    I have known Lillie since middle school and am regularly contented to rediscover that nothing changes with the time and distance that has separated us.Lillie on opening night of her improv comedy club, Laugh Out Loud, in Chicago suburb, Schaumburg, IL."People don't change" aptly summarizes that even at age 13, Lillie was one of the hardest working, purposeful people I knew.  Encompass that work ethic with a constant awareness of the humor of any situation and you have Lillie Frances.    I have followed her performances from local improv theaters to her now hugely successful comedy improv theater in Schaumburg, IL.Besides improv shows every week, LOL hosts improv classes!Lillie also happens to be a huge fan of my jewelry, and it's not because of our history.  She actually loves the pieces!Get to know Lillie Frances:1. Q: Since what age have you loved comedy and what turned you onto it?LF: I remember the first big laugh I got on stage, in 9th grade drama class, when I improvised a plumber lecturing a hapless homeowner.  I was hooked.2. Q: What inspired opening your own comedy club instead of sticking with performing?LF: I've always wanted to own my own comedy club ever since I joined the Chicago improv scene after college.  I studied and performed at Improvolympic where you had to be in classes in order to perform there...for free.  I despised this "pay to play" system and vowed that I would someday own my own place where I paid performers.  And now I do!3. Q: What do you love about improv vs. stand up?LF: They are two totally different art forms.  I love improv because you get to work off of other people's ideas and that comes easier to me than writing and honing jokes for a stand up set. Stand up terrifies me personally but I enjoy watching it done well.  At my theater, Laugh Out Loud, we do improv comedy, although I have been partnering with a stand up who has his own production company and he runs a bi-monthly free open mic (every other Sunday).4. Q: What's your favorite Tina Tang piece?LF: I have several necklaces and every time, every SINGLE time I wear them I get compliment:The Crescent NecklaceLillie has a custom LOL necklaceThe Edie necklace, a style that has been retired.My favorite piece is the custom necklace that Tina made for me at the grand opening of my theater: LOL.5. Q: What's your motto in life (besides laugh out loud)?LF:  "Yes and..." It's an improv term where you take an idea and add onto it.  I am a very positive person and "yes and" has served me very well in all aspects of my life.6. Q: What are your hobbies to let off steam?LF: I love to cook and my husband and I like to host dinner parties.  Also, I've been really into Groupon the past several months and tried different things - one of the few times when I'm completely immersed and thinking of nothing else is in my boxing class.Laugh Out Loud Theater, 601 N. Martingale Road, Streets of Woodfield, Suite 171, Schaumburg, IL 60173.  847-240-0386

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