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Celebrating jewelry fan: Miss Teela B. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I got a call on Saturday from a Miss Teela B, who after seeing the Heart Hoops on the blog post here, couldn't wait to purchase them.  Miss Teela used to shop at my flagship Greenwich Avenue store thus dating herself to be a long time fan.  I love you, Miss Teela.I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Teela on Sunday when she came into the city to have a little fun.  It was truly a joy to meet her for the very first time and find out she is an avid reader of my blog.  The greatest pleasure was to see how gorgeous her newly purchased hoops look on her.  She loves hoops and needs them light weight.Not even purposely, I was wearing the hearts on Sunday, too!Teela, I hope you are rocking those hoops today at work, too!

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