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Celebrating our fans: Rhonda Lehtinen

tina tang

Rhonda Lehtinen has been shopping Tina Tang since 2002, since we had our first store in Greenwich Village.  We wanted to celebrate Rhonda's upbeat and happy spirit!Rhonda shared with me, "You are such a part of my everyday life".  Whenever Rhonda is in NYC, she always stops by our store.  So, I thought I would ask a few questions about Rhonda so that we could get to know this beautiful woman from Maryland.Rhonda is holding her phone to take the picture of herself in the Lucia di Lammermoor earrings.Hello, gorgeous!1. What do you do, Rhonda?I'm a manager at the Dept of Defense, a liberal arts girl managing a bunch of computer engineers and mathemeticians, usually impressed and confused at the same time.2.  How long have you been married?  (author's note:  I have met her lovely husband, Jon, at the store as well)20 years last month!3. Does your husband enjoy the drive to NYC?He's only been once!  I took him on the train.4. What is your favorite Tina Tang piece?  and why?I have two favorites that are a real toss-up.  1. My gold fill bebe necklace - you told me it would be my best friend and its goes with EVERYTHING!   2. the rose gold tassel earrings. I love the movement and color.Bebe Necklace:  Every girl's best friend.Rose Gold Tassel Earrings:  Rose gold compliments all skin tones.5. How long have you been shopping with us?Since the earrings came in little paper covered boxes with a little bow on top! Seriously, what year did a magazine feature Jennifer Garner buying monogram necklaces for her friends?  2002? That President's Day, my friend and I went to NYC for the day and I dragged her to the village to check out your store.  You were closed, but rearranging the window.  You waved to us, but didn't let us in!  I had to email you the next day.  (Author's note:  Sorry, Rhonda.  I wish I had let you in that day!)6.  What is your motto in life?Laugh every day.  Life and work are serious, but you don't always have to be.  (I have had to share my leadership philosophy several times and this is always what I end up with.)7. What do you love to do (hobbies, etc)?I love my library and my kindle!  I have two puppies who are my most precious possessions.  When I have time and energy, I dabble in making jewelry or knitting for friends, but most days I cook, read, spend time with the pups.  I love live music and if I were living in the city I'd be at clubs every weekend. I'm currently addicted to Angry Birds - sigh.Author's note:  Rhonda and I will be working on some custom earrings soon and I cannot wait to meet her down in Maryland.

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