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Celebrating our giveaway winner, Kimberly Wright. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I asked winner, Kimberly Wright, for a photo of herself wearing her new Romeo Juliet Double Dagger Necklace, and consequently interviewed her to learn more about the adorable woman.  Introducing Kimberly:Doesn't she look like the friend you would have in your office whom you would trust your secrets to?There is no other word but adorable for Kim.1. How would you describe your style?I think of my style as eclectic.  I like to mix classic styles with bold trendy pieces, like a classic solid color sweater dress with cheetah print accessories or basic black pants and blouse with a stunning bold necklace, earrings and animal print shoes.  (We can see it in the photo, Kim!)  I am very fond of wearing the unexpected: getting noticed for what I'm wearing is always a thrill for me.2. How did you discover Tina Tang Jewelry and what appeals to you about it?I am always on the lookout for unique jewelry and accessories, especially from New York or New Jersey designers.  I was browsing on and a beautiful sterling silver necklace came up that said "Love".  In the corner was a picture of the cutest designer and New York City right next to her and I thought, "I need to see more".  Through a google search I found her blog and online store and fell in love.  What appeals to me is that Tina's unique personality and positive attitude comes through with every design she creates.  Her pieces are so fresh and original, but still very stylish and trendy. When I wear the Romeo Juliet Double Dagger Necklace, I get so many compliments from women and men.  (Kim, you have me blushing).3. What is your motto in life how you try to live by?My favorite motto is by Confucious who said, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."  I've adopted that as my motto in life and how I live.  I think everyone can relate to a time in their life when things were so difficult, it was hard to even get out of bed.  But, it's not the mistakes we make or the failures we come upon, it's the way we handle them.  It reminds me that I'm only human and mistakes happen, it gives me courage to take chances.Kimberly's smile really does reveal everything she describes about herself in her interview.4. How would your best friend describe you?I am a good listener, loyal, bubbly and funny.  I hope when they are in need of a pick me up or an ear to listen; I'm the one that they call.  My friends are like my family to me.  (We can tell that by looking at you, Kim).5. What places are your fave restaurants or bars in your neighborhood?I love a cute little pub called Canterbury Ales in Huntington Village, NY.  When you step through the doors you immediately feel like you've been transported back in time to an old British pub in the Manchester suburbs.  I also love "Lunch" aka "Lobster Roll", they have one in East Hampton, but there is one in Riverhead which is much closer.6. What do you do for a living?I work as a Medical Secretary for the Orthopedic Service at the Northport VA Medical Center.  I assist the service with the day to day of running such a busy department and also help veterans with any of their needs.  I consider this "my other full time job".  I am also a wife and mom.  I have a beautiful 5 year old boy named Sawyer Austin, which I consider my main "full time job".  The balancing of family and work is something I enjoy, it keeps me motivated and busy, but I do also really love "me" time.

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