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Changing up technique. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Sometimes we get used to doing things a certain way, so much so it becomes routine and without focused thought.  While I was carving wax pieces in August here, I also tried using a wax gun letting the wax drip into water. When the hot wax hits the water, it hardens immediately.I want to kick myself for not having taken a photo of that.  I have photos below of the experiment cast into sterling silver that I just picked up a couple days ago.  I'm still mixed on whether I like it.  The design certainly detracts from that which I would normally create.  Tell me what you think.I've named it Abstract Bouquet Necklace.Here is a closer photo.  Can you see how the hot wax hit the water and I swirled it around?What shape does it look like to you?  I think it could taste good as hard candy.Still trying to decide if it's Tina Tang style.I promise to take photos of my experimental techniques.  Wax is such a wonderful medium to experiment with as it's so versatile!Don't forget to enter the two necklace giveaway.  Won't hurt to throw your hat in.Have a rain-free, sun filled, relaxing weekend! xo, Tina

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  • Hi Tina,
    I have enjoyed seeing your jewelry for a few years now, and I can say that it is simple and elegant. This last piece that you created is very original. I believe that creating something different will only create interest. I too am a jewelry designer and feel that doing something different once in a while is always a breath of fresh air..

    Nury M

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