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Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

tina tang

Just when I was about be a party pooper and not pay $55+ to be a Sexy Fill-In-The-Blank for Halloween, I came up with a few money saving solutions that would allow me to go out in a costume put together from stuff I already have.Idea #1: Snooki from Jersey ShoreTo be this fun-loving, fist-pumping, drink-chugging, pint-size guidette you'll need the following:1. A short, tight, revealing party dress2. An extreme push-up bra or something to stuff with3. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in the most orange shade you can find4. Eyeliner5. Pink lipstick/glossIt helps to have dark hair for this costume to put up in her signature pouf, the most recognizable part of the costume. To create the pouf, gather a 3-4 inch section of hair closest to the center of your forehead, and tease whatever is behind it. Lay the selected section of hair over the teased mass to form the pouf and clip in place. To complete the costume, pour yourself into your tightest party dress and make sure to stuff your bra until your boobs reach your chin. Before applying any makeup, spray face and any visible skin with the Sally Hansen Airbrush legs for Snooki's trademark orange glow. Opt for several layers of bronzer for face or chest if you'd rather not use the spray. Finally, apply as eyeliner thickly on both the upper and lower eyelids and perfect the look with the lightest pink lipstick you can find. If you have a man in your life, give him a blow out hairstyle, a tribal tattoo, a tight t-shirt and jeans, then remain attached to his face for the rest of the evening.Idea #2: Kim KardashianTo be this famous... actress?... you will need:1. Body hugging bandage dress2. StuffingPut on the dress, and stuff accordingly. For makeup, apply eyeshadow for the smokey eye look.Idea#3: HeiressTo look like the girl whose bank account you wish you had, you will need the following:1. Large black sunglasses2. Pearl necklace3. Black dressSuit up in the required dress, and ignore anyone who has less money than you for the rest of the evening.Idea#4: Gold DiggerThis costume has appeared year after year, but this idea has been updated for 2010. You will need:1. A cocktail dress2. A man by your side all night wearing a polo, slacks, a Nike hat, and holding a golf club

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  • According to my view the girl is looking gorgeous in that costume. Top Blogs


  • Ooh those are good costume ideas!! Might be hard to distinguish Kim K costume from just being a regular club rat girl haha


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