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Childish Inspirations. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

There is a belief that the artist in you is actually the internal child that never grew up.  It is this child that finds joy in simple things without the constraints and boundaries of our daily adult rules.  This child is where all your writing, painting, music inspiration grows seed from.Lately I have been doing my best to entertain and please this art child and here is something that recently made her smile: kitchen timer just makes me so happy.I found this in a neighborhood kitch store called MYXYPLYX.  This little yellow owl kitchen timer just makes me happy.  Included in the childhood loves are puffy stickers, hearts, butterflies and flowers.  When I saw this calendar on sale in Duane Reade, I knew it was a must purchase/must hang in house:Calendar comes with its own stickers, too..hearts, balloons, flowers.When I write in appointments now, I can feel happy like a 9 year old girl.  I think this appeal to my inner child is working as I am having fun playing and adding to my DeKooning squiggles line:The squiggles seem simple but it needs to have a natural well shaped free flow.I use wax wire to create the above squiggles which eventually will be cast into sterling silver and look like this finished piece:These DeKooning hoops started out as wax wire play as seen above.I hope this encourages you to buy those little nothings that make big somethings inside.

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  • This is a very inspiring blog


  • Love the timer! I have one that looks like a soft serve ice cream cone. It makes me happy – and crave dessert!


  • Roe – I need to see a photo of that ice cream time. It sounds just as fabulous.

    Tina Tang

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