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Chloe’s Favorite Accessory

tina tang

When Chloe moved in with me about two months ago, I could not wait to take a peek inside her infamous jewelry box. See I have known and worked with Chloe for about a year and a half now, and I have heard so many things about this jewelry box and all the treasures it contained. Jewelry has been a new found love for me but it has been Chloe’s for a long time, which means years of collecting pieces to put in this box. I was excited to see what her favorite piece of jewelry really was.  I soon found out, to my surprise and much amusement, that Chloe’s favorite accessory could not be found in this notorious box (it probably wouldn’t even fit in there) but around her belt loop. This is her favorite accessory:  Yes, that’s right. Her big bundle of keys. I’ve even seen Chloe change her outfit from a dress to jeans, just so she can have a belt loop to hook her precious “accessory” to. And this is no ordinary bundle of keys but about 10 keys, a very heavy black chain, an enormous bottle opener that is ironic since I have never seen Chloe drink a Heineken, and an antique key for decoration. The bundle continues to grow even now, with what Chloe excitedly calls her “splash of color”—her brand new library card that hooks on to her keys.  I have never seen someone love their keys and take pride in them like Chloe does. I guess this is why every time I see her hook her key bundle to her belt loop, I burst out in laughter. Chloe is a very incredibly unique and lovely person that I am so happy to call my friend, roommate, and coworker, so she knows that I only laugh at her precious keys out of love and admiration. There are some great benefits to her favorite accessory also. For example, I never have to worry about digging in my purse for my keys while we’re together because she is always so happy to prove how convenient and cool it is to have hers out and ready to use. Thanks Chloe! 

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