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Christmas Blues. #TinaTang

tina tang

Honest admission:  While I love the holiday spirit, this is a time of year woven with mixed emotions.  We are supposed to be joyous to spend "quiet" time with our family as well as full of charitable Christmas spirit.Nevertheless, December marks the end of a full year of anticipated goals, hopeful dreams, and self evaluation.  In advertisements, happy mothers give gifts to their well behaved children, lovey couples kiss each other showing us that disagreements are unknown to their relationship.I think this time of year can be infused with a sadness, an acknowledgement of how quickly time passes around us, raise questions about our relationships and highlight some of our seemingly unfulfilled January goals.I love you!Homework:  Write 3 things that happened to you this year in which you made change in your life. Look at the list and realize you did it!This month, be kind to yourself and remember:1. Change, real permanent change, takes time. 2. Spend some time alone.  You are wonderful and deserve to enjoy your own company. 3. You are loved.

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