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Classics never tire.

tina tang

Regardless of all the chrysanthemum panna cotta, white miso semi-fredo, and other exotic desserts I have tried in the haute restaurants of New York City, nothing tempts my already full stomach like the classic Black & White Cookie.Cakey with the right amount of chocolate and white icing.All classics are like that: reliable and always desired. For example, despite the impossibility of keeping it in original condition, I am always shopping for the perfect classic white oxford like this one from J Crew:Boy Shirt in Thomas Mason fabric at JCREW.COMThe classic white button down is clean, crisp, modern, unaged, and simply, for lack of a better word, classy.These are what I consider my classic designs that also stand the test of time:The Triple Aventurine Necklace was one of the first pieces I designed featured in InStyle Magazine.My Circle of Life necklace never seems to tire with my customers:I created the Circle of Life by request and still am amazed at the demand for such a simple design.There is a reason that we listen to "classic"al music, even centuries after the pieces were created.

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