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Classy ways to Reuse those old Glass Bottles

tina tang

* Such clever ways of of reusing our old bottles!  Thank you to our guest blogger, I cannot wait to go through my recycling bin to salvage my bottles!  This should be a fun weekend project! Photo By: GwaciePhoto By: photogirl7Renew, reuse, recycle, seems to the motto as of late; but rather than just recycling items why not use them to your own advantage within the home? I'm talking about glass bottles, whether it be a bottle from that Starbucks' Frappuccino you had for brunch, a Snapple in the afternoon, or wine in the evening - glass bottles are a big part of our lives, so why not reuse and recycle them to use in our lives? Here are 7 creative and easy uses for the glass bottle that are actually pretty trendy ideas:1. Reuse that glass bottle as a flower vase, this may seem redundant, but it is completely cute. I vary between faux flowers and real flowers in my glass bottle vases, depending on the season. Wooden flowers are also very cute and decorative.Flower petals are sweet as well, right now, in my clear glass bottle, I have a bunch of cute pink flower petals, from flowers whose stems are not long enough to have in a vase. It is an eye catching cute piece and gives your room eclectic flair.2. Turn that Snapple glass bottle into a pencil/pen holder. Now this may seem weird, but I tried it out yesterday and found, to my surprise, this works very well. The bottom of a Snapple bottle is wide giving your pencil collection plenty of room. The top is the part that is smaller so to get the pencils out one simply must tip the bottle over to get the desired pencil to fall out. It is truly trendy and the colored pencils look vibrant in the glass bottle.3. Use the neck of a wine bottle to hold bracelets. They will be easy to browse and lovely to look at.4. Have you heard of those aqua globes or do you have a hard time growing a plant? (I know I do, after killing a cactus) Well instead of buying an aqua globe, as seen on TV, just use that wine bottle you and friends had last night. Simply pick up some plant nannies made for a wine bottle and watch your plant thrive. 5. Instead of leaving your dish washing soap in the Dawn or Palmolive plastic container, empty the soap into a large glass bottle, cap the bottle and use whenever you need soap. You can also use the spout from an old soap dispenser or purchase one at your local Walmart or Target. It's a simple conversion, but adds class to your kitchen counter and sink area.6. Reuse that bottle as a candle holder. Simply stick a slender candle into the nozzle of the bottle and light it. You may want to stick a mirror or a glass tray to catch the wax that melts; decorate that tray with flower petals, shells, or small pebbles for a classy look.7. Cut the bottle to use as a glass to drink from. You can either cut it yourself or purchase from a store. However, I think cutting the bottle yourself would be pretty fun and exciting. :)Here is how to cut a glass bottle at home:Safety glasses and leather gloves are a must. This will give you a relatively clean break that you can then sand smooth.1. Draw a line around the bottle neck with a magic marker.2. Score around the line (only once) with the edge of a triangular file pressing down firmly with your thumb directly over the scoring edge of the file and creating a score of consistent depth so that the bottle breaks evenly.3. Heat the score in a candle flame while rotating the bottle. Soot is deposited where the flame touches the bottle so you know you are hitting the score line evenly.4. While the bottle is still hot, rotate the score under cold running water. It should break cleanly and you should be able to pull the neck off the bottle without much effort5. If neck doesn't break the first time, dry the bottle, reheat the score and cool it again.6. File and sand smooth.Lydia Aka Miss Engagement Ring writes for a site dedicated to all things sparkly. From diamond rings, and jewelry, to fashion trends and choosing your favorite accessories.

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  • Gorgeous ideas, darling!


    Couture Carrie

  • I love these ideas!! Great post!

    Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life

  • Thanks for the tips… I have a lot of beautiful bottles here at home and I don’t know whether to just throw them away. Now I know what to do. Have a great weekend! xoxo


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