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Climbing to the top. #TinaTang #Jewelry #Pretzel

tina tang

Last night, I had the pleasure of taking a mini rock climbing lesson at Chelsea Piers and the opportunity to scale the indoor wall three times.   Naturally, I had to take off all my jewelry to avoid it being nicked or dinged.  I left on only my new mini pretzel necklace.The most notable aspect of rock climbing is not only the self challenge, it is literally an exercise in strategy and grace.  My teacher, Abby, an experienced 10 year rock climber, illustrated her technique, looking like a dancer on a vertical wall. Abby is admiring the mini pretzel necklace.  She happens to love pretzels. This is what I had on last night: Nothing cuter than an itty bitty pretzel. By the end of three climbs, one's arms feel like jello.  The weight is supposed to be supported by one's legs but we naturally err towards using our arms.  I highly recommend giving this sport a one time try as there's something exhilarating about reaching the top. I made it! 

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