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Custom Bow & Arrow Cufflinks: The Process. #TinaTang

tina tang

Sometimes I get the most wonderful requests out of nowhere.  A month ago, a stranger from Kentucky, a lovely lady named Allyson, emailed me to ask if I could create custom cufflinks for her brother's graduation.  His last name is "Bowman" which is why she sought a bow & arrow design.She found me on google because of my Diana the Huntress Necklace and wanted to see if I could do that image as cufflinks.and Arrow Cufflnks by NYC Jewelry Designer Tina TangI advised her an engraving was much more practical for a man's cufflinks as actual bow and arrows would get caught on clothing frequently.I sent her sketches to which she marked in red what she wanted:Custom Cufflinks Rough Sketch by NYC Jewelry Designer Tina TangSketch ideas for custom cufflinks.Then I sent her an official rendering:Custom Bow & Arrow  Cufflinks by NYC Jewelry Designer TIna TangThis official jpeg is what Allyson approved.Once this official jpeg rendering was approved, I went straight to casting into silver.  Throughout this whole process, Allyson and I still have not met in person! The internet has created such a communication venue that even with a custom jewelry order, one does not need to meet in person nor talk on the phone.  Allyson, if you read this, it was such a pleasure to work on such a meaningful project with you.

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