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tina tang

With my handmade name bracelets featured on , I've been getting the most unusual names as orders.  I imagine these clients are not able to find these names on those traditional touristy swivel displays where you search for your name on a key chain.These two I just shipped out today for a lovely lady in California.  Makes me wonder what faces goes with these names.Custom Name Shep Bracelet by Tina TangYou can order your name bracelet here.Custom Name Bracelet for Dana, made by Tina Tang.I promise not to call you a narcissist if you order it here.If you prefer your name on your neck, you can order it here.  I may make up a name for myself, a name that I've always wanted to have.... I'll leave that to your imagination.

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  • Ophelia Louisa Tang – such a ring to it! LOL


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