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Designing my cousin's engagement ring.

tina tang

My cousin, Debbie, called me to ask if I would help design her engagement ring.  She was firm that she wanted no diamonds, not even little ones.  Debbie is a well balanced mix of East and West.  She speaks fluent Chinese, and is well versed in all the Chinese traditions, yet she is very much so American in everything she does (including the fact that she is a lawyer).Debbie asked me to procure a jade center stone for her.  Since jade is not as commonly purchased here, the market is not as transparent in pricing.  I told her that she needed to find a nice piece in Asia.Her mom, found the perfect jade cabuchon while traveling in Taiwan.  Jade is highly valued by its color in Asia.  Here is a computer rendering of what I put together for Debbie with the only feedback being that she wanted something "nature inspired".The prongs sticking up are really longer than what will be there once the ring is set and polished.  This shows the ring casting before cleaning.   Debbie wants the band more rounded, which we will be changing on the actual ring.Side view.  Once again, the prongs shown are pre-stone setting. They won't stick up so high.Profile shot.The view Debbie will see when wearing the ring.  Prongs naturally will be folded into the stone not sticking up like in the rendering.Her stone is actually a brighter green than that in the photo.  I cannot wait to photograph it when it's done.  You will be the first to see.

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  • Debbie is a friend of mine so this was so fun to read!


  • love it! beautiful leaf/flower/petal/nature/organic design. really beautiful.



  • I LOVE JADE!!!!! Great ring- can’t wait to see the finished work esp. because we’ll see the real jade. I love your posts about creating your jewelry.
    BTW- thanks for your blog; it’s part of my morning routine. If you get a chance, take a look at my jewelry blog too- at some point I’d like to feature a series of you creating a piece.


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