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Diamond Flame #Necklace featured in Marie Claire Feb 2012. #TinaTang

tina tang

I was thrilled when I received an email from the Accessories Director of Marie Claire in November 2011 requesting a hi res photo of my diamond flame necklace.  I designed that piece a couple years ago and have noticed sometimes it takes time before a design ripens and has it's "peak moment".  Flame necklace, it's your time in the spotlight!The most unusual feature of the Diamond Flame Necklace is that it's reversible!One side of this necklace is white diamonds and the flip side is black diamonds! This side is my favorite.For the edgier grittier days, the black diamond side.Rock n roll, baby.Don't be afraid of the's an investment piece for yourself.  That's what I tell myself whenever I purchase an expensive purse. 

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  • It’s a pretty impressive piece.


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