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Diego Rivera as #Jewelry Design Inspiration. #TinaTang #

tina tang

Oftentimes, I need to step out of my routine in order to be re-inspired.  Today, I planned to fulfill this need with a visit to the Diego Rivera exhibit at the MOMA in New York City.   The Flower Carrier by Diego Rivera courtesy of GardenofParadise.comRivera's folksy, "one with the people" style, is what most attracts me to his art.  The color and style of his human renditions evoke a strong emotional connection between artist and people's struggle in society. The last retrospective MOMA hosted of his work was in 1931.  Rivera's best known for his establishment of the Mexican Mural Movement in Mexican Art as well as his creative union with artist Frida Kahlo.I have been working in an artist book called One Sketch A Day to reignite a different creativity in my daily life.   Trying to think about new jewelry designs can feel forced and imprisoning which is why I am playing around with other methods to explore the creative spirit.    In this sketchbook, I only need to do one little drawing a day, nothing that feels like toiled homework.  Most days, I do it on the train or in brief moments at the subway platform.Sharing some private sketches with you.Trying to sketch without always focusing on the subject.

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  • Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! I so wish I could see the exhibit….My husband’s great,great uncle was David Alfaro Siqueiros and he was one of “the gang”
    I so appreciate that you understand that bond between these artists and their struggles….
    Thanks again
    ~Sharon Siqueiros~


  • Sharon, thank YOU for sharing that!

    Tina Tang

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