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DIY Charm Bracelet. #jewelry

tina tang

I found that I had an abundance of necklaces given to me by my mom over the years and they all sat in my jewelry box.  I don't have enough days in the month to remember to rotate such specific necklaces, some of which I liked, but not enough to wear.How do I keep these and use them?  That's how I came up with the charm bracelet idea!Each of these charms were given to me as necklaces or made by me.All you need to make your own charm bracelet are the following:1. Heavy gauge open jump rings. ( in silver, 14kt gold, or gold fill)  You can buy this on, a jewelry supply store. Go for 22 gauge or something heavier.2. Two pairs of flat nose pliers.  These can be purchased in any hardware store or also on Rio Grande's website.STEP ONE:Use pliers and OPEN the jump ring wider as show in this photo.  Place charm in the open jump ring.I placed a locket in the open jump ringSTEP TWO:  Use pliers, apply pressure to CLOSE the jump ring once you have the charm and bracelet link inside the ring.  See the red circled area.I put the charm and bracelet link inside the open jump ring.  Then closed the ringSTEP THREE: It's best to bring it to a local jeweler to SOLDER the rings closed.  You can wear it without soldering but the solder closes the jump rings permanently.Now, I wear my charm bracelet and always think fondly about what each charm means to me.

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  • What a great way of using up old necklaces! Especially ones that were given to you by family. Now you don’t have to pick and you can wear them all at once. :-)


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